Driving and Preventing Back Pain

To get from point A to point B, that is the point of driving. Whether driving for few minutes a day to driving several hours for weeks, in both cases there are constant forces acting on our back.

The normal force, is a force that is exerted perpendicular to any surfaces that is in contact with an object. No matter how well you adjust your posture to align with your chair, there will always be a normal force pushing against your back.

From accelerating to braking, causes wear and tear that build up over the years on your back. And there is the force of gravity that acts like a magnet pulling you down, so even if you sit tight back, that force will always be there pulling you back down. 

That is why the engineers at RoyalPostures designed an all adjustable back posture corrector that can be safely worn while driving, so you can build a better resistance to those forces.