Watching my grandfather suffering from osteoporosis and my coworker getting spinal fusion surgery, I knew something was wrong and it was only matter of time when I will get the “back curse.”

Being a Graphic & Design engineer myself, we test and build products for everyday use ensuring for durability and efficiency. Unfortunately, my coworker started suffering from back pain again and the doctor recommended using a back brace for short-term relief, instead of undergoing another complicated expensive surgery.

Wearing the back brace. Not only did it not fit. It was too tight, it felt like somebody was punching your back and constricting your breathing, it felt unnatural, says my coworker . . .  And then the engineering brain kicks in. A good lumbar support device should be one that is designed to fit all body types, whether female or male. It should fit in like a glove and match the natural curvature of your spine. Most importantly it should help remind you to keep good posture and provide the comfort needed to ensure satisfaction.

That is why we present to you RoyalPostures, so you don’t have to worry about your current back problems. We believe anybody can “Get the Royal Touch.”