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Hi there, to put it bluntly, I have a fascination over high-quality made watches. Incessantly, I complain why this watch does not contain this? Or how I wish this watch could had included this?

The list goes on and I being a Graphic & Design engineer myself test and build products for everyday use, so when I try out that product, you the customer can ensure that you will be getting efficient products made for durability and satisfaction.

For instance, all our new watches contain the material quartz, a crystal which helps regulate the movement of time, keeping time fairly accurate. When placed under mechanical stress, it generates electricity, powering your time.

Additionally, for a watch to be prestigious, it must not forget about the small details that are presented with it. From the dial to the cases, using important materials like stainless steel can make sure the watch is prone from rusting, and made durable for an ever-lasting long time.


That is why with coworkers like myself, we were interested in opening up this store, so that you can obtain a whole variety of watches that are not normally found at your typical retailer stores. All of this, plus fast-free-traceable shipping at your service. 


Any questions and concerns can be directed to our email at help@royalbazaar.net

Thanks we hope we made your day  😉


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